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Links pages are pretty well ubiquitous, so this is not intended to be an exhaustive resource, rather it is simply a collection of my meanderings on the net and elsewhere. I hope you enjoy visiting some of them.


Peter Dombrovskis A master of Australian wilderness photography. The images speak for themselves far more eloquently than I can ...

Peter Jarver Peter's work particularly features outback Australia and the Top End, and includes some remarkable images of tropical thunderstorms.

Ken Duncan Well known and well regarded Australian photographer specialising in panoramic images, and well worth a visit.

Ansel Adams No comment from me on this one is really necessary, is it ?

Mountain Light Galen Rowell was a world class nature, landscape & adventure photographer. He also wrote many inspiring and fascinating articles on the how - and just as importantly if not more - the why of outdoor, adventure, travel and wilderness photography.

Dewitt Jones World class photographer and probably one of the best writers about the process of creating images I've come across. I remember an article from something like 1989 that seemed to sum it all up for me as he wrote of the urge to grab people, shake them and say "do you have any idea how amazingly beautiful our world is ?" If I can achieve that, figuratively speaking, through my work, then I'll be a happy man.

John Shaw Wildlife, close-ups, landscapes, nature photography, all of an extraordinary standard. I also have found John's books to be some of the best around.

William Neill A class act. There's little William Neill hasn't done or achieved, but don't rely on the bio, just look at the many wonderful images.

Jim Brandenburg Some of the best wildlife photography there is.

Paul Nicklen Paul has a remarkable body of Arctic and marine images, and is a co-founder of the SeaLegacy non-profit, whose mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans, for us and for the planet.

Sean Kernan Studios Advertising, commercial, & portrait photography as well as eloquent, sharply observed articles on the nature of creativity, art and photography.

Charles Cramer So many really good photographers out there .... superlatives get a bit repetitive really. But have a look at Charles' site and see if you agree with me.

Joe Cornish A UK based landscape photographer whose work I really like, and whose books (I have Working the Light and Developing Vision and Style) I found rewarding because they address the aethetics of photography rather than just technical proficiency.

David Ward Another British photographer and author of The Landscape Within and Landscape Beyond, both which I cannot recommend highly enough. Striking, graphically simple, elegant, extraordinary images. Such a pleasure after doing this for many years to still find images that make me catch my breath.

Charlie Waite Charlie's work makes elegance and simplicity seem effortless - which of course is anything but. Stunning images.

Geoff Murray Geoff Murray has some wonderful images from Tasmania

James Kay James Kay has some really lovely images of the US canyon lands, as well as the mountains of the west & northwest US.

Geoff Wise Wonderful wilderness photos taken mostly from places only accessible by foot (Geoff is a keen bushwalker). I particularly like his shots from Tasmania. There's also a wealth of information and links.

Cameron Bloom Outstanding Sydney-based fashion, travel and wedding photographer (and yes, he did a brilliant job of our wedding).

Photographic Resources

Nikon Gear A welcoming, engaging and international community, with lots of outstanding photographers, and a treasure trove of useful information on Nikon gear

Philosophy of Photography Plenty of energetic debate and discussion on the "why" of photography rather than the "how". One of my favourite sites.

B&H Photo New York These guys have just about anything to do with cameras and camera gear. is exhaustive: gear of all formats & brands, film, processing, critiques, forums, chat, galleries, education ...
if you can't find it, you haven't looked hard enough !

Outdoor Photographer Outdoor Photographer played a major role in my education and inspiration as a photographer - who could not be charged with enthusiasm by the work of Galen Rowell, Dewitt Jones, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Jim Brandenburg and many more.

Lloyd Chambers A wealth of technical information, gear reviews and more. There are few places on the net I've found that provide as comprehensive or meticulous reviews of lenses or cameras or advice on technique.

Wilderness & Conservation

ACF Online One of Australia's peak environmental organisations.

World Wildlife Fund WWFís global mission is to stop the degradation of the planetís natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

WIRES WIRES is the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation. Their mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same.

Wilderness Society The Wilderness Society's mission is to protect, promote and secure the future of wilderness and other high conservation areas.

Colong Foundation The Colong Foundation for Wilderness campaigns for and promotes the preservation and management of wilderness, protection for the native forests of NSW, and protection for existing national parks from commercial development and recreation damage.

NSW National Parks & Wildlife Information on the national parks of NSW and more.


LA Larkin My wife's site. She's had two novels published under her own name and a third under the pen name Louisa Bennet. Her fourth is due out in Australia in mid 2016 and in the UK in early 2017. If you like exciting, topical, action-thrillers, you won't go wrong ...

Golden Retriever Rescue Dedicated to the care and rehoming of abandoned, abused, neglected or unwanted Golden Retrievers. We have two goldens: Pickles, who we got as a puppy from a pedigree breeder, and Lily, who came to us as a two year old from Golden Retriever Rescue.

Arts & Letters Daily A fascinating, thought provoking collection or articles, reading, criticism and so on.

Jeanette Winterson If I had to nominate a single favourite author, she'd probably be it.

Neil Gaiman Author of too many wonderful books to list, but my favourites are probably Neverwhere and The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Also writes about life and creativity with wisdom, insight and joie de vivre. Inspiring.

Lonely Planet A great online travel compendium - whether you're researching a trip or just daydreaming ...

Quark Expeditions We went to Antarctica with them and I cannot say enough good things about them - especially the expedtion team, who were absolutely first class. If you're thinking of a trip to the Antarctic, you'd be mad not to check them out (and no, I'm not on commission !)